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How fast did Goodwin run 107 yards?

Posted by Chris Brown on August 11, 2013 – 9:42 pm

Marquise Goodwin ran his 107-yd KOR in 13 seconds on Sunday against the Colts. That’s a bit off the pace that he ran his 40-time in February (4.27) , but returning a kick is a bit different than straight sprinting.

Goodwin has to read his blocks and the coverage, avoid 11 guys trying to drop him and he’s wearing full pads and a helmet. Add in the fact that he geared down for the last 25 yards and you wonder how fast the time could have been.

“My coach calls it a pro glide so I pro glid, is that how you’d say it, I glided through the end zone,” said Goodwin, who did not have any ideas for a celebration after scoring. “I didn’t really have any creative thoughts in my head to do anything in the end zone so I just jogged off the field.”

Ironically the last 20 yards of Goodwin’s run down the left sideline was right next to where the receiver ran his 40 time at the NFL Combine in February in Lucas Oil Stadium, which was a 2013 best 4.27.

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