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Chandler update

Posted by Chris Brown on August 21, 2013 – 11:41 am

Bills TE Scott Chandler has been steadily getting more reps in practice as camp winds down. His snap counts are still being monitored, but he’s encouraged by his progress.

“It gets better and better every week,” said Chandler of his surgically repaired knee. “Really, every three of four days I’m able to string together, it feels better after those, it feels better during those.

“I think the first night (after practicing) was kind of a shock to it, just doing football things that you can’t really simulate. I can run routes on air and hit a sled as much as I want during the offseason, but coming out here and hitting an Alex Carrington, 300 pound guy who’s as strong as John Henry, is different than hitting a sled.

“So, running a route on a guy like Bryan Scott who, God love me, he’s holding onto me the whole time. It’s just different. That’s the kind of stuff, that’s why we have training camp. I was really happy that I was able to be ready at the beginning so that I could condition my body. Not lung capacity because I’m going to be tired, but to condition my knee to withstand the workload that it takes to play in the NFL.”

Chandler got 13 reps in the last preseason game. He’s expected to again be on a pitch count against Washington Saturday.

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