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Tuel benefits from QB injuries

Posted by johnmurphyshow on August 21, 2013 – 9:30 pm

When the Bills look back at their 2013 Training Camp, they’ll note that they played their first preseason game without QB Kevin Kolb, and their last two without QB EJ Manuel. And the biggest beneficiary of the QB injuries is undoubtedly rookie Jeff Tuel.

Appearing on The John Murphy Show Wednesday night, Head Coach Doug Marrone noted that Tuel has received extra reps at the QB spot, because of injuries to Kolb early in camp, and Manuel late.

“Out of everyone, if you look and say, who’s benefitted the most out of this, Jeff Tuel has benefitted the most,” Marrone said. “I would say that out of all the third ranked quarterbacks on a roster going into camp, he’s probably got more reps than any third-ranked quarterback in the NFL.”

Marronne likes what he has seen from Tuel, an undrafted rookie from Washington State. And he’s happy that the Bills were able to get him a lot of work during training camp and the preseason.

“He may have as many reps as anyone’s number one right now,” Marrone told host John Murphy. “And to his credit, he’s taken advantage of that. He’s done a very nice job, to the point where we feel we have two very young, good quarterbacks.”

The entire interview with Head Coach Doug Marrone is available at\johnmurphyshow

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