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Hopkins update

Posted by Chris Brown on September 4, 2013 – 4:15 pm

Bills head coach Doug Marrone confirmed that Dustin Hopkins will not kick on Sunday in the team’s season opener against New England due to a strained right groin (his kicking leg side). Those duties will be handled by Dan Carpenter. As for Hopkins outlook moving forward it doesn’t sound like a long term injury, but Marrone wasn’t prepared to put a timetable on it.

“I think if it was a high level (strain) I’d be able to say he’s out for some time, but it’s not,” said Marrone. “So I think it’s going to be a condition thing. If it was a position player I’d be able to tell you a couple of days. But because he uses that leg it’s just a matter of him getting out there and swinging it.”

Hopkins will likely get treatment all week and through the weekend and will begin rehabilitation when he’s given the go ahead. If and when the athletic training staff feels he can begin kicking again he’ll try it and as long as the activity doesn’t lead to swelling or discomfort he’ll move forward in trying to return to the practice setting and eventually the game field.

The injury happened in practice on Monday.

“What happened was when I came upstairs on Monday, they said Dustin came into the training room after practice and said his leg felt different,” said Marrone. “Something didn’t feel right. And I thought, ‘Uh, here we go.’ Then the next thing I know we’re having the doc check him out and had him sent to get an MRI or x-ray, I can’t remember. The next thing I know they came back and said he has a strain in his right groin.”

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