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Posted by on September 9, 2013 – 4:52 pm

RB Fred Jackson

Q: How does the team feel today?
A: Obviously disappointed, but we have to go in, look at film and see the little things that put us in the situation we were in to lose the game. It’s not devastating. It’s only one game; we’ve just got to focus on that being that it is one game. We’ve got a long season ahead of us.

Q: What is your concern with the inability to sustain drives?
A: Obviously you have to get that fixed. We can’t leave our defense out there. We can’t go three and out, put them back out there, leave them, make them have a long day. It’s something that will be addressed. Something that as an offense we’re focused on doing. We’ve got to get that taken care of.

Q: You looked like a featured back out there yesterday. I thought those days were over?
A: I’ll do whatever is asked of me. With good reason guys are going to be focused on C.J. (Spiller). He’s been tremendous the last couple years. When teams come to play us and talk about our running game, what they’re going to focus on is C.J. What I have to do is when my number is called, go out there and make plays when I get that opportunity. That’s just what I’m going to do.

Q: What reason do you have to believe that season can be different after another loss to New England?
A: I think the number one thing we’re focusing on is, not to take anything away from those guys because they made plays too, but we gave them a lot of help. There’s things that we did to hurt ourselves that put us in this situation. If we take care of those things, I think there’s a different outcome. I think that is what guys can focus on. Knowing that we have the opportunity to be better than what we were yesterday and win football games. Just have to go and take care of the little things, penalties and turnovers, things like that. I think that’s the thing that we can look at when we go in and watch film and see and correct those things. We’ll be ok. I know everybody, it’s just one game, there’s a long season. Focus on the things that we did well.


C Eric Wood

Q: By going quick you run the risk of short possessions from time to time. Would converting on third downs be the best way to combat that?

A: Right, just have to make more plays to stay on the field and I think that’ll solve that. I don’t think we’re going to win a lot of time of possession battles this year and we’re fine with that. We just need to run more plays. We would have like to have their number of plays yesterday and wear them down a little bit more. When we were able to put drives together, I felt like our tempo was great. When we do go three and out, our defense can be hung out to dry. But they’re in good condition too. They’re prepped for it, they know what’s going to happen.

Q: Sometimes penalties put you in holes. Anything else you can point to with the struggles on third down?
A: We have to execute on first and second down. We had way too many times where we’d have third and long because of penalties and whatever else it may be that we kind of messed up on first and second down. Good third down teams are good and first and second down.

Q: Did the offense feel like you let the defense down a little bit?
A: Yeah. We got to execute better. We’ve got to make more plays and when we make them we can’t have them called back as penalties.

Q: After watching the tape, can you evaluate EJ Manuel’s performance again?
A: I think he did fine. He’s a good ballplayer for us. I thought he was poised, I thought he played well in his first start.

Q: Are you just going to have to operate under the assumption that teams will try to take away C.J. Spiller before anything else?
A: Yeah, we just got to execute the rest of our offense. The way you free up your run game is through the pass game and vice-versa.


TE Scott Chandler

Q: You’ve always been a guy who is big on converting first downs, but with this up tempo offense how difficult is it for things to work when you can’t pick those up?
A: I think the biggest thing is getting the first one of the drive, then you start to get the defense on their heels. We’ve got to get better–obviously we had some short ones that we didn’t convert. We had some ones in key situations that we didn’t convert. If we could’ve just sustained a drive or two in the second half there I think it would’ve been a different game.

Q: What’s the feeling when you get to sideline after a three and out?
A: Obviously I just think it comes down to execution. When you’re going three and out quickly or something like that it usually means that you had either a penalty or you didn’t execute. We had a lot of that yesterday, I think we had 10 penalties. You just can’t do that. We have to play smarter football.

Q: What do you take away from what you saw out of the offense yesterday?
A: We have to clean stuff up. Me personally, I have to clean stuff up. I have to play a little smarter out there. I had two penalties myself. In the first half especially we were really shooting ourselves in the foot and putting ourselves in tough situations. I think if we play smarter we should be alright.

Q: Overall is there an encouraging feeling?
A: I don’t think we’re going to sit here and not look at the good things we did because there were some. Turning around and putting it in the end zone right before half and then the drive coming out of halftime, those were two positives. When you look at it as a whole we left a lot of plays out there. We had the ability to sustain some drives and we didn’t follow through.

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