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Throwback Thursday: Scott Chandler as a kid

Posted by Buffalo Bills on September 12, 2013 – 4:45 pm


This Throwback Thursday, we caught up with Bills TE Scott Chandler, who dished about some of his early childhood football memories.  A natural athlete at a young age, he remembers one story better than others.

“I played in the flag football super bowl and I took a hand off from the quarterback and ran it for a touchdown, but it got called back because I jumped over a kid and that was against the rules,” he said. “I was pretty big as a five-year-old, and definitely more aggressive. I had an older brother. He and his buddies would play against me all the time and they were five years older, so I wasn’t scared of people older than me.”

Though he was tough at five, his football skills didn’t show through when the pads were on until late in his high school career.

“I didn’t even start as a junior in high school, until I got to the playoffs.  The first game of the playoffs my junior year, I had like 120 yards and two touchdowns, so they let me start after that. Up until then, I thought I was going to play basketball. I was just a skinny kid who couldn’t throw the ball accurately so they moved me from quarterback to wide receiver, and then I really didn’t get a chance until late that season. it was kind of a slow road for me in high school.”

Chandler says he loved playing any sport growing up and focused on baseball and basketball until that breakthrough junior year, after which he got college offers for football and pursued that dream all the way to the NFL.

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