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Vets to keep rooks on even keel

Posted by Chris Brown on September 17, 2013 – 3:05 pm

The Bills have a collection of rookies that appear to have their heads on straight, so there shouldn’t be an issue of young players getting too high off the dramatic win over Carolina in Week 2. Buffalo’s vets however, are taking no chances heading into an important division game against the Jets.

“Anytime you get a win it always feels good,” said C.J. Spiller. “You dwell on it for a little bit as much as you can, but my focus has already shifted to the Jets. I hope that we don’t get complacent after a win like this. We still have some more games to play.”

Spiller said he and other veterans will make sure that the rookies are squarely focused on the Jets.

“We just need to keep them on an even keel,” said Spiller. “If you get excited… you should be happy about the win, but we can’t get complacent and dwell on this win for the whole week. We’ve got to move on and get ready for the Jets. This is a division game and we’re already 0-1, so this is a two-for as we used to call it. So we have to make them understand that it’s good to get that win, but the focus has to shift over.”

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