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Jets rookie DT calling out EJ

Posted by Chris Brown on September 18, 2013 – 8:58 am

Jets first-round pick DT Sheldon Richardson was taken three picks ahead of EJ Manuel in last spring’s draft. They met in New York City prior to the draft, and after Manuel’s fourth quarter comeback drive last Sunday Richardson fired a message off to Manuel on Facebook.

“I told him we’re after him,” Richardson told the Newark Star Ledger. “I just told him ‘good game,’ and I told him, ‘Hey, make sure you’re in your playbook, man.’”

Not surprisingly, the Jets sound like they want to put a lot of heat on Manuel to see how he handles it. Both the Patriots and Panthers did not put a ton of heat on Buffalo’s QB in the first couple of games.

“Just get after him,” Jets OLB Antwan Barnes told the Star Ledger. “Send everything you’ve got. Send the whole house.”


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