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Bills on right side of turnovers but…

Posted by Chris Brown on September 24, 2013 – 10:38 am

Through the first three games this season Buffalo has forced takeaways each week, including a pair of interceptions this past Sunday. After three weeks the Bills are a plus-2. Only 12 other teams in the NFL are currently a plus-2 or better in takeaway-giveaway with Buffalo. Head coach Doug Marrone said there is one small difference between what Buffalo’s plus-2 has gotten the Bills and what the plus-2 or better for everyone else has done for them.

“When you look around the league, basically 12 other teams are plus-2,” said Marrone. “The other 12 teams are a combined 28-4.  So they have an 88-percent chance of winning the game.  Don’t get me wrong, we have put the ball on the ground, we still have to work on our ball security. We’ve been fortunate to get it back, but here we are sitting at plus-2, and we’re 1-2.

“We all know that these past games could have gone either way, 0-3, 3-0, 2-1, but we are what we are, and we’re 1-2.
And that’s why I go back to the third downs, and the red zones being the things that we need to make sure we do a better job of. As long as everything else with the turnovers are going, we’ll have a chance to turn this thing around, and turn these close games into wins. Like I said before, I give the players a lot of credit for getting back to 20-20 in the game last
(Sunday). We fell short at the end.

“We have to be smarter in what we do, and do a better job, including myself, right from me all the way down, to get us over that hump.”

Buffalo is the only team that is plus-2 or better in takeaway-giveaway with a record under .500.

Here are the other teams that are plus-2 or better along with their won-loss records. (Note: this stat was compiled prior to Denver’s Monday night game).

Kansas City (+9) 3-0
Chicago (+6) 3-0
Seattle (+6) 3-0
Tennessee (+5) 2-1
Indianapolis (+4) 2-1
Denver (+3) 2-0
New England (+3) 3-0
Dallas (+3) 2-1
Detroit (+3) 2-1
Buffalo (+2) 1-2
Miami (+2) 3-0
New Orleans (+2) 3-0

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