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Throwback Thursday: LB Arthur Moats as a kid

Posted by Buffalo Bills on September 26, 2013 – 5:28 pm


If you were to watch Bills LB Arthur Moats in his first year of football, you might not think he’d make it to the NFL.

“I started playing at the age of four, and I was not the best person,” he said, laughing. “I was getting my butt kicked by this girl on the team. She used to terrorize me.”

But as he aged and started growing and playing with the older kids he knew, he says he got tough and realized he could be a good athlete and football player.

He was more than just a “good” athlete. Moats was an all-star at his high school, playing five sports: football, basketball, wrestling, track and soccer. He earned all-state honors in wrestling and track, and is proud of the fact that he always kept his grades high. That combination helped him get recruited and offered a full scholarship at 13 colleges, of which he chose James Madison University.

But despite his athletic success, he’s still (jokingly) haunted by his 4-year old nemesis.

“People always joke and say, ‘man, girls don’t play football,’ and I’m like, ‘man, this girl terrorized me.’ She had me to the point where I almost wanted to quit!”

Now that Arthur is a dad, he’s experiencing little league sports from the other side. His daughter Kaylor plays soccer, and unsurprisingly, he’s her biggest fan and coach.

“Half of me wants to coach her up real good, and the other half is telling me to sit back and let her do her thing. I’m always super excited and nervous.”

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