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Both sides on EJ kneel downs at end

Posted by Chris Brown on September 30, 2013 – 10:18 am

EJ Manuel was seemingly targeted at the end of the game by Ravens defenders on his kneel downs, which were a bit different than normal as the Bills rookie QB retreated a bit more to kneel down in an effort to take more time off the clock. Here’s a look at it from both the Ravens and Bills.

“At the end of the game, just so everyone knows, there’s 57 seconds left in the game, 48 seconds is what the management sheet says. So you have that difference (in time) right there,” said Doug Marrone. “If you take a knee right away its 48 seconds if you bang it down. We wanted to keep the quarterback up. On the first play I don’t know how, we only got three seconds off. He didn’t take a knee right away. That got us back, the plan was to go ahead get the extra five seconds, get it back down, get it to under seven seconds (by fourth down), throw the ball out of bounds so we didn’t have to do anything. That was the game plan going in to that last series.”

“I think the quarterback is responsible for taking a knee there,” said Ravens coach John Harbaugh. “He has got to get his knee down and he should do it more quickly. Not try to run more time off the clock. That is something that we hear from the league all the time and his knee was not on the ground. I’m just disappointed Terrell [Suggs] didn’t cause a fumble there. He definitely did the right thing there.”

“I understand how it works,” said Manuel. “You’re going to take a knee but you’re going to waste some clock. You have to except guys to come at you. That’s what they did on their defense and I understand.”

Courtney Upshaw was the Ravens player who was flagged for unnecessary roughness on the 3rd-and-16 kneel down by Manuel, when he knocked his helmet off his head. The penalty gave Buffalo a fresh set of downs with 45 seconds remaining. It allowed the Bills to kneel out the clock without Manuel needing to delay his intentions.




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