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Throwback Thursday: Aaron Williams as a kid

Posted by Buffalo Bills on October 3, 2013 – 2:28 pm


Like many NFL players, DB Aaron Williams started playing football at age five with kids two and three years older.

“I played with guys older than me, but I would say I was one of the best on the team,” he said. “I think my dad knew I was a little more advanced. It helped me better my skills to play with older guys. I was definitely one of the smallest guys on the team.”

And though he says today he only gets nervous before games when he hears the national anthem and pregame fireworks, he used to be a nervous wreck before his little league games.

“I started playing tackle when I was seven years old. I was nervous as hell. I think the first game I threw up, but after my first hit I was okay.”

The Bills defender says he wanted to play quarterback and wide receiver when he was young, but his dad would always put him at cornerback, and he’s been there ever since.


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