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C Wood, G Legursky in their own words

Posted by on October 7, 2013 – 8:27 pm

C Eric Wood

Monday, October 7, 2013

Q: What are your thoughts on Thad Lewis?

A: I like Thad a lot as a quarterback. He can do a lot of things for us. He’s mobile, great arm, good football awareness. Has started a game before in this league, so it won’t be completely foreign for him. He’s a guy who can step in and run our offense immediately without having to change anything or kind of doctor a quarterback to be able to try to go this week. We’ll just hit the ground running.

Q: How much does that help you knowing that he knows the playbook?

A: Absolutely. We’ll work on exchange and everything this week, but as far as assignments and MIKE declarations and everything that goes in to pre-snap and game management, he’ll have all of that ready to roll. It’s pretty comforting to have a guy that’s already here.

Q: Did you follow any of the reports on who they worked out over the weekend?

A: Yeah, absolutely I followed it all. I don’t know necessarily that I had an opinion. I trust our front office to do their job and I didn’t really have an opinion, but definitely interested and I followed it pretty closely on twitter and on the internet because it affects me greatly. I was definitely interested.

Q: Did the move surprise you?

A: No because I had kind of talked to the coaches a little bit and knew what they were thinking, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to me. I didn’t know what exactly was going to happen until this morning. No, I wasn’t greatly surprised.


OL Doug Legursky

Monday, October 7, 2013

Q: How do you feel?
A: I was dressed and ready to go last week and this week I think they’re going to get us some reps in the ones and see where we go in the game.

Q: Talk about coming back from the injury and where you’re at?
A: I feel really good. It’s really a four to six week type of injury the way it was. Coming back and being ready to go in Week Five, that’s just good shoutouts to the training staff, how good they did to get me back. I’m feeling really good and ready to get back out on the field and help these guys get a win.

Q: What do you see from your perspective of this offensive line so far?

A: We’ve done well. We’re a tight knit group in that offensive line room. We rely on each other and we’re going to play hard for each other. The five guys that are out there at any given time are going to be the five toughest dudes that are going to protect our butts off for whatever quarterback is back there and try to get the running back in to the end zone. That’s really what we’re trying to do. These last couple weeks we’ve had our run game go on, but we’ve also had some things we need to correct. Going forward we need to try to do our best to win some ballgames.

Q: What do you think you bring to the table?

A: I’m a versatile type player, I can go in multiple positions if need be, if I do get some reps on game day, I’m excited about that. I’m excited to finally hit a different color jersey. I’m excited to go in there and get the run game going and get the passing game going. Whoever our quarterback’s in there, we’re going to win some ballgames.

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