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Marrone: Freeman was an early consideration

Posted by Chris Brown on October 7, 2013 – 3:34 pm

The Bills after an extensive look at a number of possibly quarterback replacements on the free agent market determined that Thad Lewis was their best option at starting quarterback. Head coach Doug Marrone shed some light on some of the other considerations.

Marrone confirmed that the club worked out free agents Pat White and Dennis Dixon. Then he confirmed that former Tampa Bay QB Josh Freeman was an early consideration too.

“We had discussions, not only with his people but with other people,” said Marrone. “Granted, those reports were out there,
however they get out there, whatever sources and whatever it may be, but we talked to a couple of different people on that situation.  No different than the punting situation, we talked to a couple of different people before we got the two down.  When these situations come up, that’s always going to happen—we’re going to talk to a couple of people, now real it is?  That one I really can’t tell you.  I just say, ‘Hey, where are they and tell me when they’re coming in.’   That’s when I start thinking about it.”

Freeman chose to sign with the Vikings Monday.

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