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C.J.’s approach to healing fast

Posted by Chris Brown on October 10, 2013 – 10:08 am

C.J. Spiller is probably not alone among NFL players when it comes to healing from injuries. Players know that availability on Sunday is what keeps you in the league over the long haul even when you’re not 100 percent healthy. Healing fast is the key. Not everyone heals the same, but Spiller beyond doing the right things with treatment and what’s he’s told to do by his athletic training staff, also employs a positive mindset geared toward healing faster.

“I’m a competitor and I love playing,” said Spiller. “I hate sitting on the sidelines and I hate being hurt. It’s nothing I can change, but mentally I’ve been good. Once you sit around starting to think about negative stuff, wishing you wouldn’t have been hurt. That’s not going to do any good. That’s not going to help me heal up.”

Spiller’s positive approach to healing, whether it’s thinking about how it will feel better and better each day or willing his body to improve the condition of his ankle, seems to work for him. And those positive vibes are a mandate if you’re part of Spiller’s inner circle of family and friends.

“My main thing since the injury has just been positive thoughts,” he said. “Everybody that’s been in my circle that’s what I’ve told them. We’re not going to look at this as a negative. I don’t need negative talk around it or about it. We’re going to be positive and it’s been good.”

Last season when Spiller suffered a shoulder injury in Week 3 at Cleveland it was thought he could miss one to two games. The Bills back played the following week against New England and appeared no worse for the wear.

Spiller, while not 100 percent last Thursday night, played on a short week after suffering a severe ankle injury.

Thinking only about his healing and not about how much pain he’s got in his ankle appears to work for him. He’s not blind to the fact that he’s unlikely to be 100 percent on Sunday against the Bengals, but his focus is that his ankle will be better this Sunday than it was last Thursday night. Again a positive approach.

“Having more days for treatment and more days to rest it, hopefully it will feel better than the way it felt last Thursday morning,” Spiller said. “(Wednesday) was just another good day to rest it, just get some movement in it, some energy, some heat, some blood flow and (Thursday) we’ll get back to what we did and take some snaps and stuff like that and see how it responds.”

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