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How Goodwin built strength back into hand

Posted by Chris Brown on October 11, 2013 – 10:49 am

A broken hand is not an easy injury from which to return for a wide receiver. Coming out of surgery and the removal of the cast Marquise Goodwin’s hand had little to no grip strength. Buffalo’s athletic training staff has remedied that with a host of hand strengthening tools for the receiver.

“I remember when I first got the cast off I could barely hold a ball in my hand, let alone holding a tissue without my hand being sore,” Goodwin told “But now I’ve got some pretty good grip strength so I’m able to catch the ball and hold onto it better. I’m just trying to get it stronger and stronger each week.”

Here’s a look at one of the hand “gadgets” as Goodwin calls them.

Goodwin gadget











It’s similar to a stress ball, but with rubber band loops around the outside. Goodwin slides his fingers in the rubber band loops so he has to work to open his hand just as hard as he has to work to close his hand to squeeze the ball.

“This one is for opening and closing, just a lot of things to strengthen my fingers and my hand,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin feels he has made noticeable progress with his hand strength, which is important knowing Bengals defenders will be making every effort to slap the ball out of his hand on returns and after receptions on Sunday.

“That defense is really good at going after the ball and stripping the ball,” said Goodwin. “Ball security is going to be a big deal this game and knowing I have a hand injury they’re going to come right for it. So I’ve got to hold it high and tight with both hands and maintain possession of the ball.”

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