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Bills react: comments from the locker room

Posted by on October 13, 2013 – 8:17 pm


Q: What did you think of the way Thad responded?

A: “I thought Thad played great. He’s a confident player, and I knew he wouldn’t get down if we got down, so credit him for making plays and getting us back in the game.”

Q: What does it say about the offense to answer late when earlier it looked like you guys were up against the wall?

A: “Yeah, I wish we could have executed better earlier, especially once we got into their territory, but you can’t go back and change things now. Thad did a great job leading us back and putting it into overtime, we just have to make plays when we get there.”

Q: Do you feel like a team that could easily be 4-2 or 5-1 now?

A: “Absolutely, yeah we’ve lost a lot of close games, and that hurts. It stings that we’re so close and we could be on the other end of some of these games, and you wish you could go back and change something but you can’t. All you can do is change it the next time it comes, and hopefully next time we will.”



Q: It took awhile to get the defense going there, did you change anything?

A: There was something we had to make an adjustment on as far as their running attack. They did something a little different from what was expected on our defensive side. We just have to tackle better for one. At the end of the day we have to tackle.

Q: It seemed like it was tough to get any consistent pressure on (Andy) Dalton.

A: Yeah, they disguised it pretty well as far as quick passes, dinking and dunking. Then the play-action off the zone read, outside zone read was pretty good.

Q: Lot of close games for this team. Is it frustrating that you could easily be on the other side of 2-4?

A: Yeah we just have to make plays. Each and every one of us that’s out on the field at any given time, we have to find a way to make more plays, get more turnovers, especially in the end where it was close again. Just step up on defense and make them kick field goals.

Q: This is a game where the defense needed to step up and you didn’t play like that in the first half. How discouraging is it to see that?

A: We definitely put ourselves in a hole. But then even at the end of the game we still had a chance to win, so I wouldn’t say it’s discouraging especially the way we came back.



Q: (Andy) Dalton made plays. He played maybe his best game of the year for them at quarterback…

A: “Yeah, he played real good. He was in the pocket and we gave him some to be able to scramble and things like that. He did a good job as far as getting out of the pocket and scrambling trying to make plays.”

Q: You got a look at a couple of punts, but there wasn’t much you could do with any of them it seemed…

A: “I just have to get the feel of it. It’s a new scheme from last year, just have to get used to it, knowing how everybody is, knowing where my hole is going to be at. That’s going to come in time. I haven’t been doing it this year and that was kind of my first couple of times getting a crack at it, especially not in good field position. There’s going to come a time when that thing is going to happen.”



Q: Is there anything worse than a 98-yard drive?

A: “98 yards and a loss. You give it up in a win and you can learn from it, but you give it up in a loss and obviously it’s a huge turning point. Obviously you have a chance to get great field position for your offense and you give up seven, so that’s never good. It’s something you can’t allow to happen very often.”

Q: If I told you your offense would have put 24 (points) up, would you have liked your chances?

A: “Absolutely. We’d like that every week, it doesn’t matter who we’re playing. It hurts to be the team that gets another team on a roll. They had been struggling, you’d like to keep them on their heels and really attack them, and we let them gain too much confidence early and put too many points on the board.”



Q: You were down 14 points with 10 minutes left in the game. It looked like (Thad Lewis) showed poise…

A: “He did. That’s the thing about him; he’s been in this offense since training camp so he knows what he’s doing. He got an opportunity to take us down the field, score some points and send this thing into overtime. And he seized that moment. We just came up short. That’s not on him, that’s on us as a team. We have to make a few more plays and give us a better chance to win the game.”

Q: Was there any particular play where (Lewis) did something that actually surprised you?

A: “We saw that at practice all week, so we knew that he had the capability of throwing the ball down the field and giving our guys the opportunity to score some long touchdowns. He just came out and validated what we thought he could do. And if he continues to improve and get better, we’ll have an opportunity to win football games with him as our starting quarterback.”



Q: How hard was it to play out there with the cast on the hand?

“It was very hard, but I mean it is what it is. I just wanted to be out there with my team. I wanted to help my team out anyway I can.”

Q: What happened in the first half?

A: “They just made some plays. They got some screens on us and we just didn’t play well as a whole.”

Q: Do you take any positives from the way the defense stepped up late?

A: “Yeah, I think we stepped it up late in the fourth, but some plays we left out there and we have to learn from it and go from there.”

Q: Did anything change scheme-wise between the first three quarters and the fourth?

A: “No, I don’t think anything changed, we just made our mind up that we saw the plays they made on us and we made adjustments at halftime and came out and played good.”

Q: How much time do you have to wear that cast?

A: I really don’t know yet. I’m just listening to the doctors and hopefully it comes off soon.”

Q: How much did you feel compromised by the cast?
A: You can’t really grab like you want to. It’s like playing with one hand out there. You have to be more mental and play from there.”



Q: The defense really turned it around in the second half, what happened?

A: “They had a lot of trick plays that we had to get used to because we studied a little something different, so they came out with a different game plan that we had to get adjusted to and get ready for. Coach just came out with a better game plan in the second half, and we were all ready for it, so we were just ready for what they had for us.”

Q: What did it say about your defense being able to adjust?

A: “That’s any defense, we want to do the best we can, put our offense in the best position to score, get the ball back in their hands. But at the same time we just came out there and played the game that we’re supposed to play and made the plays that we’re supposed to make and we’ll go from there.”

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