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Gilmore: It’s like playing with one hand

Posted by Chris Brown on October 13, 2013 – 8:50 pm

Bills CB Stephon Gilmore appeared in his first game for Buffalo this season returning from wrist surgery. The only problem was Gilmore could not play his typical physical style, jamming receivers at the line and jockeying with them for position on jump balls downfield. That’s because Gilmore was essentially playing with the use of just one hand.

Gilmore’s surgically repaired left wrist was put in a plastic brace, which was then wrapped in a soft club. None of his fingers protruded from the club, basically forcing him to play one-handed.

“It was very hard, but I mean it is what it is,” said Gilmore. “I just wanted to be out there with my team. I wanted to help my team out anyway I can.”

Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine rotated Gilmore into the lineup on passing downs, knowing it would be difficult for Gilmore to engage and shed a blocking receiver to help support the run on the edge. When faced with making open field tackles Gilmore had trouble, understandably, wrapping up.

“You can’t really grab like you want to,” Gilmore said. “It’s like playing with one hand out there. You have to be more mental and play from there.”

When asked when he might be able to play without the club wrappings on his left arm Gilmore was uncertain.

“I really don’t know yet,” he said. “I’m just listening to the doctors and hopefully it comes off soon.”

Gilmore finished Sunday’s game with three tackles.

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