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Mario: Sacks are an 11-man effort

Posted by Chris Brown on October 20, 2013 – 10:54 pm

Mario Williams’ two sacks Sunday, which both came a critical time also gave the Bills pass rusher the fourth double-digit sack season of his career, as he now has 10 on the season. Williams’ isn’t big on taking the person credit for those plays. As he sees it sacks only happen due to 11 men on defense working as a unit.

“The funny thing is you can get the best rush you can and get nothing and then you can have the worst rush and fall into (a sack). People don’t realize sacks (require everyone). It’s not just one individual person it’s everybody on the defense on one particular play. It could be coverage covering them up giving you an opportunity. It can be a guy next to you being able to occupy this person or that person. There are mental games. It’s not just one person. For me being able to power through was not just me. I owe that all that to my D-linemen and the guys on the back end and the play calling.”

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