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Miami first of 2 straight off bye for Bills

Posted by Chris Brown on October 20, 2013 – 7:35 am

The Dolphins are coming off their bye week to face Buffalo. After dropping two straight games heading into their bye the Bills are expecting a supremely focused Dolphins team. Head coach Doug Marrone and his staff meanwhile have to be leery of potential changes in Miami’s approach on both sides of the ball.

In his weekly appearance on Bills Focus on, Marrone revealed that he and his staff had to create a game plan that was flexible. We asked coach Marrone what to expect from a team that threw the ball almost 70 percent of the time (69.5%) and at times looked as though they had no interest in even trying to run the football.

“When you look at the Dolphins they started off well,” Marrone told “They were 3-0 and then they had the two losses. Now they had a bye week and I think you’ve got to be careful when teams are coming off the bye week. A lot has been said with coach Philbin and the rest of the staff about running the football. Going into the game you’ve got to be prepared for all of those things.

“You’re correct in what you’re saying, but you don’t know if they’re going to change philosophically because who are they? Are they the team that was 3-0, what were they doing there to successful? Then when they lost two they look at themselves and they’re asking why they’ve lost those two.  I’m sure in the bye week they talked about those things so we have to be ready for everything when we play them.”

So what is the best way to prepare?

“I just think whatever you put in you have to be able to adjust,” Marrone said. “A lot of times on the bye coming off you definitely don’t have an advantage being the team like us. We’re going into two straight games now where both teams are coming off byes and both teams are coming off losses. So we have to do a very good job with what we have. You have to be able to adjust as well to what they may do and you can be consistent.”

The Bills play the New Orleans Saints in Week 8 in New Orleans and they have the bye this week.

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