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Why Marrone called timeout after Miami KR

Posted by Chris Brown on October 21, 2013 – 3:43 pm

After the long late kick return by Miami’s Marcus Thigpen to set the Dolphins up at their own 46-yard line down two (23-21) with 23 seconds left, head coach Doug Marrone called timeout after his defense was already lined up for the first play of the series. Here’s why.

Marrone said he wanted the officials to review where Thigpen was actually downed knowing that Dan Carpenter made initial contact with him on the return. With it being under two minutes he could not throw a challenge flag to challenge the spot of the football.

“I called a time out to make sure, because you’re out of challenges, and there was a question I had that I wanted to make sure they were going to go to the replay booth and look at it,” said Marrone. “I had the time out, so I figured I would go ahead and use it.  At that point, I knew I had two in my pocket,  I’d rather make sure I used the timeout, talked to the officials, ‘Hey are we going to look in the replay booth to look at what just happened?’ That’s what I  did to see if he was down by a knee, or if his hand went down.”

After Carpenter got a piece of Thigpen the Miami return man stumbled and his left knee may have hit the turf as he put his left hand down to maintain his balance. That happened at the Miami 33-yard line.

Thigpen would go on to gain another 13 yards before he was forced out of bounds at the Miami 46.

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