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Club removal for Gilmore is surgeon’s call

Posted by Chris Brown on October 22, 2013 – 10:20 am

Stephon Gilmore for the past two games has had to wear a club around his left forearm in an effort to protect his surgically repaired left wrist. How much longer he’ll wear it isn’t up to Gilmore or head coach Doug Marrone. In fact it’s not even up to the team physicians.

Marrone explained that the decision on when the club can come off will be up to the doctor who performed the surgery.

“That’s really the surgeon’s call, that’s really not even our doctors,” said Marrone. “That’s the surgeon’s call, as far as when
that comes off. There’s no doubt he definitely looked much more comfortable, and I think he’ll be even more comfortable this coming week. It’s one of those things, the more we can wear whatever we have to wear that’s different from how we played before, we just get more comfortable with it.”

Gilmore said he’s grown a bit more accustomed to playing with the club now that it’s been two games.

“Oh yeah definitely. It was easier,” said Gilmore of Sunday’s game. “I felt I got used to it practicing two weeks ago and this past week. So it was easier.”

In fact Gilmore believes being forced to play with one arm will enhance his game once the club is off his arm.

“I think it’s helping put my game on another level,” said Gilmore. “I think I’m learning a lot playing with it on. I’ve got to use my legs more. I can’t really use my hands like I want to. I have to really win with my feet so I think that’s helping my game.”

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