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Chemistry still building with Stevie & Lewis

Posted by Chris Brown on October 26, 2013 – 11:40 am

They’re a week behind everyone else after Stevie Johnson missed a full week of practice and the Cincinnati game due to a death in his family and a lower back injury. But after a full week of practice last week and Thad Lewis able to hit his top wideout for a few key third down conversions last week, Johnson and Lewis feel they’re on the right track to being in sync with one another in the passing game.

“It’ll come when it does,” said Johnson, who recognizes it’s a process when working with a new QB. “I can’t say we would do too much changing because we got the win and were pretty successful (last week) so I don’t want to overdo anything. But just be where I’m supposed to be and make sure I’ve got enough space from the defender so he can put it in there.”

“When he’s out here making moves, running routes, once you get the timing with somebody on the field, it’s different than just throwing the ball,” said Lewis. “Now, we got a little game experience. Now we have the opportunity to watch film together and talk about some things—it will get better as we go.”

Lewis and Johnson watched extra film together this week to make sure they’re on the same wavelength in the passing game. Lewis targeted Johnson on five of his 13 third down pass attempts last week. Johnson converted three of those into a first down.

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