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Saints an example in offensive efficiency

Posted by Chris Brown on October 27, 2013 – 7:48 am

By now everyone is familiar with New Orleans as a perennial top 10 offense. Here’s a closer look at what makes them such a productive unit on offense.

The obvious initial answer is Drew Brees. His level of precision is elite particularly with his ball accuracy, but he’s a highly rated quarterback against the blitz (118.3) and on throws downfield (112). Here’s a rundown of where the Saints rank in the top 10. There are several specific offensive categories that help explain why New Orleans is routinely one of the best passing attacks and point producers in the NFL.

Category                              Rank      Value    NFL avg.
10-play drives                    7th           13           11
1st down efficiency          2nd          54.5%    47% (Pct. of plays 4+ yds)
3rd-&-1 conversions        4th           75%        62%
3rd-&-10+ conversions   4th           30%        20%
5 minute drives               3rd           12           8
1st possession points      4th           20           12
20+ yd completions         5th           27           22
Dropped passes               2nd          3.7%      7.1%
Fumbles lost                      2nd          2              5
Giveaway pts allowed    4th           17           37
Total giveaways               2nd          7              11
Net passing yds               2nd          311         245
Scoring efficiency             3rd           44.3%    33.3%
Deep ball pass rating      3rd           112         85
Penalties against              4th           30           43
Pts outside red zone      4th           61           42
Time of possession         1st           33:33     30

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