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TBT: McKelvin’s football beginnings

Posted by Buffalo Bills on October 31, 2013 – 9:27 am


Like most Bills, DB Leodis McKelvin started playing football at the young age of 5, but unlike most professional football players and kids in general, Leodis had an advanced knack for the sport from the get-go.

“I was really good,” he said. “At that age little kids don’t usually know what they’re doing, but I was one of those kids who knew what they were doing. I understood the difference between wins and loss when most kids didn’t. I’ve always kind of been advanced.”

While he was – and still is – one of the shorter guys on the squad, he used it to develop the speedy game he still plays today.

“I was really small but really fast, so that was my biggest advantage. That was by far my biggest asset when I was younger.”

Leodis learned tips and tricks from his older brothers, and started realizing he could make a future out of the sport when he was in his junior and senior years of high school.

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