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Managing QB practice week not easy

Posted by Chris Brown on November 1, 2013 – 2:57 pm

It would be hard to argue that another NFL head coach has had a tougher go of it at their quarterback position than Doug Marrone. Kevin Kolb never played a regular season down, EJ Manuel has missed each of the last three games with a knee injury and Thad Lewis, who started those last three is doubtful for Sunday and barely practiced this week. Lewis’ sore ribs made for some interesting juggling through the course of the practice week at quarterback.

“It was a great challenge, especially when you start the game planning situation,” Marrone told “We’re fortunate that a lot of our quarterbacks can do some of the same things. We’re able to put the game plan together. That’s the main thing we’re looking at and then really seeing who is the best available quarterback for us who can help us win.”

Not only do the coaches have to adjust, but the 10 other players on offense when there’s quarterback juggling. Marrone explained the message he delivered to the rest of the offense.

“They do have to adjust with the snap count, but as far as the receivers we’ve always done a good job in individual (position drills) that all our quarterbacks work with all of our receivers, so that’s not a big issue,” he said. “Then it’s just the snap count and getting used to the quarterback and their snap counts. But really what we try to do is during the week with the game plan is just have those other 10 players focus in on their job.”

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