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No matter who is at QB, experience limited

Posted by Chris Brown on November 1, 2013 – 4:24 pm

The Bills quarterback decision for Sunday has not been made yet as head coach Doug Marrone waits to see if Thad Lewis can throw the football effectively at practice Saturday. In the grand scheme of things however, no matter who starts at quarterback, their level of experience will be very, very limited.

EJ Manuel began the season without any NFL starts and now has five.
Matt Flynn, who just finished his third practice week with the Bills, has three career NFL starts.
Thad Lewis, who is doubtful to play this week, has four career starts now, all but one with Buffalo.
Jeff Tuel has no NFL starts.

That’s why when trying to prepare one starter for a game, the Bills offensive staff has had to put all their attention on the young, inexperienced player who is going to take the field so he’s ready to play.

“When EJ Manuel was our starting quarterback and we were coming off a short week every game for him was a new experience,” said Marrone. “So we had to put all our time and take all of our reps and put it into our starter because all of our quarterbacks right now, Thad prior to coming here had one start in the NFL. EJ had zero starts in the NFL. Jeff Tuel had zero starts in the NFL. Matt Flynn has three starts in the NFL. So the point is you’ve got to make decisions and get people ready to play.”

That was harder this week, but knowing Tuel has been in the system the longest with Manuel, he naturally feels comfortable executing the offense.

“I think the more time in the system the better the player is going to be,” said Tuel. “It’s crazy to think that we haven’t had a quarterback play who’s had a single offseason in this system with Coach Hackett. We’re all brand new it. EJ and I are rookies, Thad came into it in the tail end of training camp last preseason game. The more time in this system is going to do great things for every guy, especially at the quarterback position.”

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