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Thad Lewis’ miserable week

Posted by Chris Brown on November 9, 2013 – 5:07 pm

After taking a half dozen rib shots and still finishing the game in Buffalo’s Week 8 loss at New Orleans, Thad Lewis’ body just could not respond in time to make him available for their game the following week against Kansas City. Lewis shared with one of the most miserable seven days he had as a pro leading up to the Chiefs game last week.

Lewis had terribly sore ribs, which was coupled with a bout with the stomach flu. Unfortunately for the Bills QB, that stomach flu only made his ribs feel worse.

“I’m going to tell you the worst part,” Lewis told “I caught the stomach flu, so I was throwing up with my sore ribs. It was not cool. I couldn’t sleep. I finally got a recliner sent to my room and slept on the recliner. Last week was really tough.”

One of the worst things when one has a rib injury is to cough or sneeze. It drives the pain or discomfort level through the roof for a several seconds when one is dealing with sore ribs. Last week for Lewis it happened early in the week.

“One day last week I was like, ‘Yeah I’m feeling better.’ I was walking up to breakfast and I said, ‘I’m going to take the stairs today.’ A few steps up I sneezed and it brought me down to my knees. I changed my mind and took the elevator. Sneezing hurts.”

What left Lewis the most disappointed was not recovering in time to be an option for head coach Doug Marrone and the offensive staff last Sunday against the Chiefs.

“I’m an ultra-competitive person and I wanted come back bad and help my team out (against the Chiefs), but I felt if I couldn’t be myself I would be doing those guys an injustice. Going out there if I couldn’t throw the ball the way I can throw it or run and protect myself… I just needed time. I just needed more time.”

Lewis said had the Saints game been on a Thursday night the week prior it would’ve given him enough time to recover to be ready for Kansas City 10 days later. But Lewis had just a week to bounce back and it just wasn’t enough.

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