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How Lewis will assist EJ today

Posted by Chris Brown on November 10, 2013 – 10:40 am

The last time EJ Manuel started at quarterback for the Bills, Thad Lewis was on the practice squad. Now he’s Manuel’s backup and that will change the dynamic of how Lewis can help be an extra set of eyes for Manuel during the game today against the Steelers.

During Manuel’s first five starts this season, Lewis was up in the coaches’ booth and could not communicate directly with Manuel until halftime in the locker room. That won’t be the case now with Lewis moving to the sidelines.

“If I see anything I share the information like I always have,” Lewis told “Just being able to play a little bit and have some insight playing on the field and having played against Pittsburgh last year, just letting him know some of the things.”

Lewis’ first career NFL start came last season in the 2012 season finale for Cleveland at Pittsburgh. The Bills backup QB has also tried to impress upon Manuel that he doesn’t have to try to do more than what’s required of him within the game plan in his return to the lineup.

“Him coming back from injury I’m just telling him to continue being himself,” Lewis said. “Don’t try to overdo it. Obviously try to see you’re going against. I’ve got to be ready on the sidelines with my eyes as well. What I see from the sideline I can communicate it to him right away whereas I couldn’t sitting upstairs in the coaches’ booth.”

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