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Throwback Thursday: Kyle Williams as a kid

Posted by Buffalo Bills on November 14, 2013 – 2:39 pm


When Kyle Williams was able to start playing football in 7th grade, he jumped on the chance.  He’d played baseball, basketball and swam his whole life, among other neighborhood sports, but with no pee-wee leagues in his Louisiana hometown, he was rearing to get on the gridiron.

“I can remember as a younger kid going to watch my high school play their rival and it was like the whole town was there,” Williams said. “I was like ‘Hey, this is really cool,’ and I just wanted to be more a part of that than really being good at it.”

A natural athlete, Williams says he can’t remember if he was good at the sport right away.

“I remember having fun doing it and kind of getting acclimated to it and figuring out how to play,” he said. “Good or not, I don’t know, but I remember having a great time learning the game.”

He enjoyed the game so much that he never played it to get into college, but as he started to get offers later in his high school career, it became obvious that his “for the love of the game” attitude would get him there anyway.

“When I started getting scholarship when I was in high school is really the first time I ever thought about it,” he said. “Before then I just enjoyed playing, being I’m from a small town where high school football is a big deal.”

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