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C.J. blames self for run game, but mad in game

Posted by Chris Brown on November 17, 2013 – 6:52 pm

As a team the Bills averaged just 1.8 yards per carry in Sunday’s win over the Jets. Yes, they were going against the number one run defense in the league, but that yards per carry average is the lowest in a game for Buffalo this season. C.J. Spiller, who had his second straight unproductive day against the Jets this season, shouldered his share of the blame.

Spiller, who had 10 carries for nine yards in the first meeting, had 13 carries for just six yards Sunday.

“I have to do a better job.  I can’t just blame it all on my guys up front. I have to do a better job of being disciplined with my track and with my eyes, and just taking what they give me,” said Spiller. “It’s a collective group thing, I just can’t sit back and put all the blame on those guys. There were probably a couple of times where I could have got those twos and threes and not try to  bounce it.”

Bills head coach Doug Marrone said Spiller did come to the sidelines ticked off after some unsuccessful plays.

“Any frustration would be to anyone, not just to C.J., but also to Fred (Jackson), to Tashard (Choice) and even the frustration of the linemen. When you let someone free on the inside, that’s frustrating. Whether you miss the block, we missed it once, and twice we fell, fell down once, missed him the second time,” said Marrone.

“If you’re a running back getting the ball, that’s something you don’t expect. You can live with the other stuff, so I told him afterwards, ‘I would be ticked too, but the difference between me and you and this is what you have to do now is go over to that group right there, that offensive line, and you tell them you’re ticked.’ That’s what I told him.”

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