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Marrone had long talk with Stevie

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2013 – 3:26 pm

Stevie Johnson is a receiver who wears his emotions on his sleeve, especially during games. So when things have not gone as planned some Sundays it has led to palpable frustration for the Bills top wideout. Head coach Doug Marrone revealed that he had a long sit down with Johnson to feel his receiver out a bit and understand what was bugging him.

“I had a long talk with Stevie about the challenges coming in, with a young quarterback and then the injuries and the different quarterbacks,” said Marrone. “When EJ was healthy, Stevie wasn’t. When Stevie was healthy, EJ wasn’t. You play with different quarterbacks and it’s very difficult. I told Stevie, I said people are going to look at the end of the day and say this is down, this is down, this is down, and they’re really not going to look at the whole situation.

But he’s  a productive player. One that, when you keep practicing together, you’re just going to see his numbers go higher and higher.”

Johnson sounded satisfied with the talk he had with his head coach and made sure to point out that his frustration lies with the overall lack of success of the team in win-loss column, not his personal stats.

“Just talking to him I was telling him it was frustrating because our team is really good,” Johnson said. “Looking around the locker room and the names we’ve got and being out at practice with these guys there’s talent here. Then getting these losses that we have that’s where the frustration was coming in at and that’s pretty much what our conversation was.”

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