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Pace of offense could pick up again

Posted by Chris Brown on November 25, 2013 – 8:20 am

At the beginning of the season the Bills tempo on offense was very fast as they were running plays as fast as anyone in the NFL. That tempo was eventually sacrificed in an effort to make EJ Manuel more comfortable on the field. On the heels of Manuel’s best game of the season, head coach Doug Marrone is leaning toward upping the tempo again over the last five games of the season.

Marrone was quick to explain however, that the offense won’t have it’s foot all the way down on the gas pedal all the time. It sounds as if they’re going to pick their spots.

“It’s going to be dictated by a couple of things,” said Marrone. “We’ve had discussions about it. A lot of it will be dictated by how much we want to change up the personnel. I think we’re going to have the ability to get to a couple of different tempos.

“I think we want to take a moment to step back and develop the quarterback. I think you’re going to see it grow, I really do. How fast that happens—I really can’t put a time frame on it. But I know we’ve been talking about it. And a lot of it has to do with  the quarterback.

“We felt very good with EJ in the beginning. Now he’s coming off his best game to date. Has he arrived? I hope so. The proof in the pudding is going to be the consistency. Once the consistency starts to come, then you can see us doing a lot more different things.”

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