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Past intel on Hughes sold Bills that he’d fit

Posted by Chris Brown on November 28, 2013 – 12:19 pm

The Bills were presented with an opportunity to trade for Jerry Hughes shortly after the NFL draft. When defensive coordinator Mike Pettine heard the name mentioned he instantly became a lobbyist to make the deal happen.

Appearing on the Sirius XM NFL Radio ‘No Huddle’ show with Steve Tasker, Pettine revealed the prior knowledge he had acquired on Hughes when he was a college prospect.

“He didn’t surprise us (here) because in New York, the year he came out he was very high on our draft board. We knew he was going to probably going to fall right around where we were picking late in the first,” said Pettine. “I had gone down to TCU to work him out so when Doug (Marrone) mentioned the possibility of trading for him I couldn’t jump up on the table fast enough. He’s a special talent. The key thing there is he can run. There’s no substitute for that.

“I thought he’d be a perfect complement to line up opposite Mario. He’s benefited from people sliding protection to Mario. He’s benefited from some of those exposed edges.”

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