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Manuel on 2nd half 3rd down struggles

Posted by Chris Brown on December 4, 2013 – 6:39 pm

As we profiled on the home page of Wednesday converting on third downs in the second half this season has proven far more difficult than in the first half. Here was EJ Manuel’s take on what they can do to improve a third down conversion percentage of just over 22% in the second half of their last five games.

“I really think it’s a matter of just paying attention to the small things,” said Manuel. “Making sure you get to the right depths or making sure you’re making the right calls, making sure you’re looking at the right people, making sure your eyes are in the right places.

“I think a lot of that just goes to reminding yourself literally when you’re walking out there on the field, whether it’s in the first or second half, you have to be sharp throughout the whole game.

“You can’t go out in the beginning of the game and want to be sharp and then fall off the second half, and I think that’s what we’ve done.

“I think it starts even in practice, the second half of practice you just really want to stay honed in on what you need to do.”

i asked Manuel if he found that opposing defenses were changing much on third downs in the second half of games. He didn’t think there were wholesale changes.

“I wouldn’t say dramatically, but they obviously throw in some wrinkles and different things that we may not have seen throughout the whole week of preparation on film and you just have to adjust to it,” he said.

Buffalo is facing some weaker third down defenses over the final quarter of the season. We’ll see if it helps to improve their third down efficiency in the second half.

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