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Bills wary of Bucs trick plays

Posted by Chris Brown on December 8, 2013 – 9:10 am

Tampa’s offense has struggled the past two weeks gaining a season low in yards over each of the last two games. Tampa head coach Greg Schiano was candid in saying he should’ve tried some gadget plays to spark his offense, especially in last week’s loss at Carolina. The comment below was quickly picked up by Coach Marrone.

“There wasn’t a lot going on,” Schiano told the Tampa Bay Times earlier this week. “We didn’t really get it rolling other than that first drive. But still, there were opportunities I needed to [interject] and say, ‘Let’s do it now.’ But we had some stuff like we do every week. We had stuff in the plan and sometimes that can light a fire on your football team. In retrospect I wish I would’ve stepped in and said, ‘Let’s do it now.’ But I didn’t.”

Marrone now has his team on high alert for a gadget play knowing Schiano’s feeling that he missed an opportunity last week increases the likelihood that they turn to a trick play this week if his offense is struggling against Buffalo’s defense.

“Looking at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it’s going to be a great challenge for us,” Marrone said. “I think when you look at them offensively, they do a lot of things to spark themselves.  There’s offensive linemen reporting eligible that they’re doing.  They’re going to try to spark themselves with maybe different types of plays that we haven’t seen before.  We’re getting ourselves ready for that.”

Buffalo’s kick coverage team fell victim to a reverse kick return on the opening kickoff against the Falcons last week, which gave the Atlanta offense a drive start at midfield.

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