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EJ points only at himself after loss

Posted by Chris Brown on December 8, 2013 – 11:29 pm

It was a long day for everyone on Buffalo’s roster Sunday as very little went right in the 21-point loss to Tampa Bay. EJ Manuel struggled throughout the game as the offense went nowhere for much of the day with the unit setting season lows in third down efficiency (1-11, 9%), points (6) and a season high in turnovers (5). But Manuel only looked at himself when it came to the Bills’ shortcomings Sunday.

“A disappointing day for my performance,” Manuel said after the game. “It starts with me, especially on offense. I’m the quarterback. I’m the leader. These guys feed off of me and I was supposed to be (feeding) the ball to these guys. I didn’t do a good job – plain and simple. Got to get better – plain and simple. We’ve got to win games. I’ve got to get better as a quarterback. It’s my responsibility to do that and I have to go hard at everything during the week and just prepare even better.”

Manuel, who is now 0-4 on the road in starts this season doesn’t believe there’s any added discomfort when he plays on the road, but they have been the site for his most discouraging performances in his rookie season.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily playing on the road. That may seem like it’s a recurring thing being that I had a rough game here, had a rough game in Pittsburgh and we just have to come back from it,” said Manuel. “I’m not going to say because we’re not at [Ralph Wilson Stadium], I played bad or because we were on the road, I played bad. Just didn’t do well. It’s very frustrating for me but, it’s still a learning curve at everything and just got to move on.”

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