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Hard not to think hangover

Posted by Chris Brown on December 8, 2013 – 11:33 pm

The Bills appeared to have a hangover type performance in their Week 10 loss at Pittsburgh, when the emotional loss to Kansas City from the week before looked like it lingered in the minds of players. Fast forward to Sunday’s game against the Bucs, again off an emotional overtime loss to the Falcons, and the performance made it hard not to think hangover again.

It’s clear that the thought had cross head coach Doug Marrone’s mind postgame.

“I said this earlier in the week, we played a Kansas City team which was a tough game and came back in Pittsburgh and did not play well in a lot of areas,” said Marrone. “We played a game last week, which was a very difficult game for our players. We talked about it during the week coming back and we played even worse than we did in the Pittsburgh game. That’s very disappointing when you want to grow and you want to go forward.

“We didn’t bounce back like I thought they should. Nor did they bounce back like they thought they should. That’s why I don’t think it’s the coach saying it, we feel like that as a team collectively. Does that bother me that one phase of what you need to do to become a winning football team that we didn’t take that challenge and overcome that? Absolutely that bothers me.”

Buffalo’s players weren’t ready to call it a hangover.

“I don’t think so,” said EJ Manuel of a hangover effect. “For me I don’t think being that it was an emotional loss or whatever, it was a loss last week, I don’t think that was the reason I came in and played flat this week. I know there were some errant passes I had, some forced passes that I don’t normally do. That’s where the interceptions come from. You just have to continue to stick to your reads and do a much, much better job at that. That’s where I felt I struggled today and I’ve just got to get better from it.”

“I can’t say we lack mental toughness. I think they just came out and beat us,” said Stevie Johnson.

Jairus Byrd wouldn’t call the performance a result of a hangover effect, but he did admit that the loss to Atlanta was a difficult one.

“That’s a question for each man, but the last week did hurt,” Byrd said. “It did hurt, knowing all that was out there for us. When we weren’t able to do that, each person is different and you’ve got to move forward, but that one hurt.”

C.J. Spiller however, wasn’t sugar coating anything as he referenced how the week of practice didn’t get off on the right foot and that a lack of focus was the reason for all of their miscues Sunday.

“First day of practice didn’t come off well,” he said. “We picked it up and I thought from them on we had a good week of preparation, had a good game-plan going into it. We knew exactly what they were doing. They didn’t come out there and do anything that surprised us.

“They played good on defense. They played with more passion, more energy, and they just beat us. We “were just not focused, is what it comes down to. When you’re not focused, those things happen.

“I hope that [the loss] didn’t linger on, because if that’s the case then this loss will linger on [and] it would show next week. Your profession in this league, win or lose, you have to move on from the game. I said it earlier in the week that’s what you got to do. That’s what being a pro is all about. Win or lose, you have to put that game behind you and focus on the next opponent because if you don’t then stuff like this happens.”

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