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Marrone impatient, wants results

Posted by Chris Brown on December 11, 2013 – 4:17 pm

Doug Marrone has called himself impatient by nature. He wants results sooner rather than later, and with his team no longer in control of any kind of playoff hopes he’s far from pleased. He hasn’t been associated with the Bills through the length of their playoff drought, but he’s already in tune with the fan’s frustration over the team’s fortunes.

“I think that we all become impatient and I am not asking for patience because I am impatient right now,” said Marrone.
“We want this thing to go. Everyday is critical. Every rep is  critical. None more critical than what you do at the present time. And it’s not like the ones before weren’t critical. You fight and you fight, you make sure to find the guys who are going to fight with you. You find the right people that you have and you get after it.

“It’s happened for a long time here. We still obviously, mathematically are in it. We could get knocked out of it. It’s not in our control. But what’s in your control is for us to go win a game, all right, if not, it’s been 14-years man. That’s too damn long and we’re going to change that.”

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