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EJ’s take on last week’s game tape

Posted by Chris Brown on December 12, 2013 – 12:53 pm

It was far from his best effort in many ways, but Bills rookie QB EJ Manuel painstakingly went through the loss at Tampa Bay play by play. Here were his assessments of his play.

“It was disappointing,” he said. “I was obviously disappointed after the game, but when I watched it on film, I did some uncharacteristic things. Forcing the ball, a read on one of the interceptions where I could have just moved up in
the pocket and taken off and ran. Another where I just kind of didn’t really see Stevie coming open, I just kind of trusted my third step and got the ball out of my hand and he wasn’t there. He got mugged up and that’s when the guy came back and caught the ball. Beside the turnovers, I think there still was some good in the tape. Things that we can build upon, but nonetheless, not to score a touchdown and to only get two field goals throughout the whole game, that’s extremely disappointing as a quarterback of this team. We have to do tremendously better this Sunday.”

Manuel did admit that some of the defensive looks by the Buccaneers were ones he wasn’t used to diagnosing having not played too many ‘Tampa 2’ scheme clubs.

“I know Tampa did a lot of different things as far as what they do (with) the Tampa two, the cover two,” said Manuel. “We haven’t really faced that a lot this season, but that’s not an excuse, you have to be able to adjust. This is the NFL and defenses are going to throw different things at you, so it’s just a part of my maturation, just getting used to defenses being totally different every Sunday. I’m not going to make the excuse saying just because they were a little different, that’s why I threw four interceptions or that’s why we didn’t score any touchdowns. I just really have to bite the bullet on this one and just move forward to this next game.”

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