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What Bills do with iffy opposing players

Posted by Chris Brown on December 15, 2013 – 9:15 am

Maurice Jones-Drew (hamstring) is doubtful and Jacksonville top WR Cecil Shorts is questionable with a groin injury. Naturally the Bills prepare for their game with the Jaguars as if both will suit up and play in the game. But how much of Buffalo’s game plan changes if they don’t?

In his weekly one-on-one interview with, head coach Doug Marrone indicated that things can be shifted and altered when a high-caliber player for the opponent is out of the game.

“It all depends on the player and the position,” Marrone told “Obviously if you have someone that’s a wide receiver and you were thinking about bracketing him or double covering him and right before the game you find out he’s not playing then you make the decision about whether you want to keep the double coverage in on the ‘X’ receiver or do we not want to call that play?

“Same thing offensively. If there’s a cornerback where we don’t want to go to his side with the ball or we don’t like the matchup, and then we find out he’s not playing, we’ll see if we have viable alternatives that we worked on that week.

“So it’s position specific in how you want to attack it and what you want to do. For us we look at that and we understand that, but our focus is still on our football team and what we need to do to win a football game.”

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