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For EJ there’s a term worse than injury prone

Posted by Chris Brown on December 18, 2013 – 4:31 pm

EJ Manuel might be missing a start for due to a knee injury for the third time this season, and he knows what outsiders think about his healthy and availability on Sundays. That’s why he’s determined to prove he’s not an injury prone player. But there’s another label he wants to avoid even more.

“As a football player you’re tough,” Manuel said. “I’ve been playing this game for almost 20 years and never really had recurring injuries, especially with my knees. So you obviously don’t want to get the tag of ‘injury prone’ or the worst word, ‘soft.’ I know I’m not that, but you still have to be smart with your body if you want to have a nice, long career.”

Manuel was composed, but frustrated in the locker room Wednesday knowing his latest knee injury was going to cost him another start. What’s most troubling for him is every time he appears to be making noticeable progress on the field a knee injury has cropped up, whether it was after the preseason opener at Indy, the Week 5 performance in Cleveland or his latest road win at Jacksonville.

“It’s adversity and that’s all you can really say about it,” he said. “I have to look it right in the eye and combat it and be ready when I can play next week versus New England and come out there, play well and finish the season strong.”

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