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Marrone expands on accountability

Posted by Chris Brown on December 20, 2013 – 1:30 pm

Accountability has been a big buzz word with Doug Marrone and his coaching staff in year one with the Bills as he and his assistants have worked tirelessly to eradicate a losing culture at One Bills Drive. Making his weekly appearance on Bills flagship station WGR Sportsradio 550, Marrone expanded on what he means about a player being accountable to his coaches and teammates.

“I think the easiest way to answer that question (about accountability) is how badly do you want to win,” Marrone asked rhetorically. “You have to have the responsibility to want to win for a great cause that’s greater than yourself. I really believe that in my heart. You have to buy into the process of this is how this team is going to win. And I’m all in.”

Marrone said that’s what he has explained and laid out for his players. At the same time he realizes that people on the outside will not see the Bills losing culture as changed until the team starts winning consistently.

“It’s about winning,” he said. “People talk about changing the culture, the only time they talk about changing the culture is when they win. They say, ‘Oh man that guy went in there and changed the culture.’ If someone goes in there and they don’t win, then it’s, ‘That guy went in there and didn’t change a thing.’

“It’s about winning football games and are you willing to do whatever it takes to win? When you say yes to that question then you have a chance.”

When asked how he determines whether players on his current roster have convinced him that they have said yes to those things, Marrone had a very direct response.

“When they do exactly what you want them to do,” said Marrone. “I’ve told this to the team and obviously people that know me, I’m about doing the right thing and being the best every day in everything that you do. I’m extreme with that. That’s what get you to a point to where you can go out there and win. When every little detail and every little thing matters and you believe that every single situation is part of a process that creates winning and you have pride in what you do then you can go out there and do it.”

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