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Robey knows what Stevie is feeling

Posted by Chris Brown on December 21, 2013 – 9:45 am

Stevie Johnson has already been declared out for Sunday’s game after the sudden and unexpected passing of his mother last Saturday. Losing your mother might be the most difficult of them all, but Johnson’s teammate Nickell Robey knows exactly what Johnson is feeling right now.

That’s because Robey lost his mother, who unexpectedly passed his senior year in high school. Robey didn’t have a chance to talk to Stevie before he left to be with family in his native California and attend his mother’s funeral services, but he can absolutely relate to the range of emotions Johnson is undoubtedly experiencing right now.

“His mom was 48 and my mom was 44, I kind of know how he’s feeling right now,” Robey told “The only part that’s different is he’s in the NFL and I was headed to college, but I know where he’s at right now as far as mentally and how he’s evaluating himself and his life.

“He’s probably just thinking by himself and the future and the hardest part is accepting it. I know once he gets past accepting everything and where it’s at he’ll be better coming through that whole process.”

Robey said it will be a struggle. After having your mother as a part of your life since you were born, it’s hard to adjust to life without her.

“You’ve got to accept that you will never see that person again,” Robey said. “I still can’t even get my head wrapped around my mom being gone. Your mind isn’t programmed to switch over that fast that your mother is not around anymore. So what you have to do is take all the memories and stuff and keep it with you. You have to make sure that you’re okay with it all on the inside.

“It’s not easy, but it’s do-able. I know Stevie is a strong-minded person. He’s been in the league for six years, so I know he’s equipped for it and can get through it. It’s just about going about it the right way.”

Being a rookie Robey admits he’d be hesitant to approach Johnson when he sees him again, but if he does talk to him he’ll tell him how he got through the loss of his mother.

“I would tell him to never stop fighting and build a bigger hunger for himself and his family and his life,” said Robey. “It sent chills through my body because I respect Stevie a lot so for me to come up to him it would make me a little apprehensive. I’d just tell him to never stop fighting. Whatever he does do it as if your mom was right there. Live in the footsteps that you lived in when your mom was here and work to fulfill that.

“You can still make her happy by doing what you’re doing. She’ll always be happy for you. Always have good energy and good vibes about overcoming the whole battle and this is a battle right now and I know he’s battling. He’s vulnerable and when you’re vulnerable you’ve got to really keep a strong mind. He’s going to get through this. One day at a time.”

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