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Where Moorman feels he’s better than ever

Posted by Chris Brown on January 10, 2014 – 1:50 pm

Bills punter Brian Moorman, who just re-signed with the club Friday, is going to be entering his 14th NFL season this fall. And fortunately for him the area of his game where he feels he’s better than ever is the number one requirement head coach Doug Marrone and special teams coordinator Danny Crossman are looking for in their punter.

In an interview that will be heard on the John Murphy Show tonight (7-9 pm ET), Moorman feels there is a part of his game where he’s performing better now than he ever has.

“Personally I think hang time and fair catches,” he said. “Coming in that’s what coach Marrone and coach Crossman really wanted. Going back and looking at my tape and charting my kicks and what I did good and what I did bad I compare this year even to my tape from when I went to the Pro Bowl.”

When asked what his benchmark is for acceptable hang time on his punts, Moorman said it can vary.

“It’s funny because it depends who you ask but when I first got in the league and our special teams coach was Danny Smith he told me 4.5 (seconds) was always the time so that number was always stuck in my head.

“But now if I don’t get 4.95 seconds in practice I’m mad. So I shoot for 4.9 seconds to 5 or higher. If it’s not at that five-second mark I get angry with myself. And if it goes under 4.5 then I’m really upset because you’re really driving it down the field. There are circumstances like weather where you have to drive it down the field, but if you can get it in the 4.7, 4.9, five second, 5.1 you’re really helping your coverage team out.”

Moorman had the second-highest recorded hang time in the NFL this past season at 5.5 seconds.

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