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Construction update at RWS: Jan. 29

Posted by on January 29, 2014 – 3:06 pm

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–Bench seats have been removed in the west and east end club levels to prepare for application of traffic coating.  The existing benches will be replaced with new bench seats.
–Construction will continue in the northeast corner of the lower concourse for foundations for the new video board.  Upon completion, crews will then mobilize to the southeast corner.
–Delaware North has vacated the commissary and retail locations in the admin building.  Demolition of those spaces has begun in order to make way for the new concessions, restrooms and expanded that is planned for the ground floor of the building.
–The two interior stairwells on the north side of the stadium will be removed this week to make way for a new monumental stairway.  This will be a single, straight shot between the lower concourse and the club level where the walk of fame and Tim Russert Memorial are located.  A similar monumental stairway will be built on the south side.  Our intent is to draw daylight from the outside into the lower concourse at these two locations and to provide a much wider stairway than what currently exists.
–All of the restrooms and concession stands on the lower level have been demolished to the point where we will begin to rebuild and remodel them.

Operations Building
–Interior work continues with partition walls, doors, windows, electrical, HVAC and data services.
–Expected completion is late February 2014.

Commissary Building
–Work continues on the installation of metal wall and roof panels.
–When the exterior wall panels are finished, temporary heat will be provided in the building.  This will aid in thawing out the stone subgrade in preparation for pouring the concrete floor slab.
–Expected completion is June 2014.

Training Center
–Temporary walls have been constructed in the weight room and are being constructed in the equipment room.  These walls will serve as a temporary barrier when the exterior walls are removed.
–Foundation construction for the new additions will continue over the next few weeks.

Site Work
–The perimeter construction fence around the entire stadium is complete.
–The existing chain link fence and entry gates are expected to be removed next week.

Video Boards
–The video elements of the main scoreboard have been dismantled and shipped to the factory in Pittsburgh where they will be cleaned for re-use.  They will be used within the current trivision board structure on the roof of the admin building to create a new video board.  In essence, the revision will be replaced with a video board.
–Foundation work for the new video boards in the east end has started.  The new video boards will be situated above the M&T Bank Club and the Time Warner Club.

–Anyone entering the stadium fence line is reminded to wear a hardhat, yellow vest or coat, safety glasses and appropriate footwear.
Inaccessible areas include:
–the lower concourse between sections 115 and 120
–club level seating section 231
–club level sections 200-205, 239-244 and 217-228
–the two 50-yard line stairways on the north side

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