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How Bills & Giants stacked up

Posted by Chris Brown on January 30, 2014 – 12:33 pm

It’s still called the best Super Bowl every played. Everyone remembers that it was the number one scoring offense vs. the number one scoring defense back in January 1991 when Buffalo and the Giants squared off. But the defensive unit for the Bills and the offensive unit for the Giants were pretty respectable in their own right. Here’s how the two teams ranked in a host of offensive and defensive categories at the end of the 1990 regular season.

Regular Season Rankings 1990

Category                              Buffalo                 NY Giants
Points per game               1st (26.8)               15th (20.9)
Passer rating                     1st                               5th
3rd down pct.                    6th (44%)              18th (38.8%)
Rushing yds/gm              7th (130)                8th (128)
Completion pct.                2nd                          7th
Yards per attempt           2nd                          9th
Passing TDs                        3rd                          18th
Total rushes                       479                         541
Yards per carry                 7th                           24th
Rushing TDs                       2nd                          7th
Total net yards                  6th                           17th

Points allowed                  6th (16.4)              1st (13.2)
Run defense                      15th (113)             4th (91.2)
Pass defense                     7th (195.3)            4th (183.3)
Interceptions                    12th (18)                4th (23)
3rd down pct.                    20th (42.8%)        6th (36.2%)
Sacks                                    9th (43)                  24th (30)
Turnovers forced           5th (35)                  8th (34)
Total net yards                8th                           2nd

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