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Polian’s Super Bowl lesson

Posted by Chris Brown on January 31, 2014 – 12:40 pm

Appearing on the Mike & Mike show on ESPN Radio Friday, former Bills GM Bill Polian was asked about the importance of the preparation leading up to the Super Bowl game on Sunday. Polian said based on what he learned in preparation for the Bills third straight Super Bowl in Pasadena, the preparation doesn’t carry any weight.

“I found out through five Super Bowls that it doesn’t really mean anything,” Polian said. “We got blown out in the last three quarters against the Cowboys in Super Bowl XXVII. We made all kinds of preparations to make sure we did everything right. We took our team out of the downtown Los Angeles hotel to a hideaway hotel in Pasadena, which is absolutely the wrong thing to do. We went and worked out at the Rose Bowl and that was the wrong thing to do. After the game I sat down next to Marv Levy on the bus and we were both downcast and I said, ‘You know what the lesson is? Just win the game. Nothing else matters.’

“We were way too up tight. The one thing we didn’t anticipate and it was entirely my fault. Every time we met the press that week people asked, ‘What if you lose again? Will you be the greatest losers of all time?’

“So that coupled with taking the team away I really believe that it wasn’t our team that day. We played up tight which was not our style. We never did that. The last thing Jim Kelly ever did was play up tight. We also had a lot of bad breaks too, but that’s what happened when you get in one of those games. What it taught me after the fact is the Super Bowl is one game and you can’t control anything that happens so you just do the best job in preparation and roll with the punches.”

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