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Bills who played in all 4 Super Bowls

Posted by Chris Brown on February 2, 2014 – 12:32 pm

It’s a feat that will likely never be repeated, an NFL team appearing in four consecutive Super Bowls. Here’s a look back at the players who appeared in all four for Buffalo in the early 90’s.

Ballard, Howard, Buf.
Bennett, Cornelius, Buf.
Davis, Kenneth, Buf.
Gardner, Carwell, Buf.
Hull, Kent, Buf.
Kelly, Jim, Buf.
Kelso, Mark, Buf.
Lingner, Adam, Buf.
Lodish, Mike, Buf.
McKeller, Keith, Buf.
Metzelaars, Pete, Buf.
Odomes, Nate, Buf.
Parker, Glenn, Buf.
Pike, Mark, Buf.
Reed, Andre, Buf.
Reich, Frank, Buf.
Ritcher, Jim, Buf.
Smith, Bruce, Buf.
Talley, Darryl, Buf.
Tasker, Steve, Buf.
Thomas, Thurman, Buf.
Wright, Jeff, Buf.


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