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Does deep draft mean fewer trades?

Posted by Chris Brown on February 19, 2014 – 12:56 pm

With an influx of almost 100 underclassmen there are essentially three extra rounds of NFL prospects for clubs to choose from. The unusually deep pool of talent has given rise to the theory that teams will be more apt to stay where they are on the board knowing they’ll get a quality player rather than trading up. NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock doesn’t completely disagree with that line of thinking, but still knows teams are going to fall in love with some prospects and still make a move.

“You know, it kind of works both ways, because for instance, take Houston, sitting at one,” said Mayock.  “If there wasn’t a quarterback that they are in love with, they might be, they content to move down further than they typically would.

“Both teams only want to move down a couple slots in the draft because they want to make certain they get their guy.  In this draft you might be willing to move further down than usual because you still know you’re going to get a great player.

“On the one hand I agree because if you sit there at 18 or 20 you know you’re going to get a good football player but on the other hand, if you need an edge rusher and there are only a couple guys this year, you really need to go get them.  It all depends on your individual situation.

“If you are sitting there and you think Kony Ealy is the best defensive end in this draft and [Jadeveon] Clowney is gone and you think there’s a drop off after that you might want to go get him.  So I think the philosophy of the trade stays the same, just a couple different variables this year with the depth.”

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